Business Licenses

Who Needs a Business License?

If you have a place of business located in Bel Aire city limits, you must obtain a business license from the City of Bel Aire. City Code Chapter 3 Article 4 outlines business license regulations. Follow this link to view the complete code section. 

Renewing your Business License

All business licenses are valid for one calendar year, and expire on December 31st. A business license renewal reminder will be mailed to all licensed businesses in December of each year. If you close your business, please contact the City so that we may update our records. 

General Business License

New Home Occupation License

A home occupation within a dwelling that (1) complies with all of the use limitations for the district in which it is located and (2) MINIMALLY changes the existing noise, traffic, odor, outdoor external storage or external lighting requirements of the neighborhood as determined by the Zoning Administrator is required to be registered with the City. Minimal impact for registration purposes shall mean a permitted business with actual or anticipated:
  1. Business traffic to or from the residence in excess of five (5) vehicles per day,
  2. Requiring the external storage used in the home occupation,
  3. Businesses having one (1) or more business related signs displayed and visible to the outside,
  4. Business having more than two (2) on site employees other than a members of the immediate family permanently occupying such residence,
  5. Business raising certain public health, public safety, or public welfare concern determined to be minimal by the Police Chief or City Zoning Administrator.
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