Public Works

The Public Works department houses Water, Waste Water, Stormwater Management and Streets.


Public Works provides high quality, safe, potable water to all Bel Aire residents; maintains the City's water infrastructure, including water towers; and works with Chisholm Creek Utility Authority and the City of Wichita to ensure no interruptions in water service.

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Waste Water

Staff continues to provide safe waste water service to all Bel Aire residents, maintains the City's waste water infrastructure, including lift stations, and works with Chisholm Creek Utility Authority to ensure no interruptions in waste water service.

Stormwater Management

Public Works staff maintains the City’s drainage infrastructure by cleaning and repairing drainage ditches, inlets, pipes and culverts. City staff also evaluate the condition of the existing infrastructure following each storm event to ensure that the structures function as designed and make any necessary repairs as soon as possible.


Public Works maintains the City's transportation infrastructure including streets, traffic signs and signals, and works with other jurisdictions to ensure limited resources are used properly.

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Street Sweeper (1)
Current Street Projects
  1. 37th Street
  2. Chapel Landing 2nd
  3. Lycee Heights 2nd
  4. Deer Run
  5. 53rd Street
37th Street Reconstruction from Oliver to Woodlawn
  • Start date: October 11, 2016
  • Completion: September 2017
  • Prime contractor: Flint Hills Materials
  • Description: This project will widen 37th Street to a three lane roadway with curb and gutter, and construct underground storm sewer. The project also includes on-street bike lanes and sidewalk along both sides of the street.
Future Proposed Street Projects
  1. Woodlawn: 45th to 37th St N
Proposed Work
  • Reconstruct and pave Woodlawn from the existing two lane section to a three lane section with curb and gutter from 37th to 45th Streets. The project will include a 10' hike and bike path that connects with the hike and bike path proposed for 37th Street from Oliver to Woodlawn that is estimated to finish construction in September. The intersection of 45th and Woodlawn will also be reconstructed as a part of this project.
  • More information can be found here.