Pet Registration

All dogs over 5 months of age must be registered by their owner/keeper within 30 days of entering the City. City code states the registration year is January 1 to December 31. After March 1, an additional fee with apply.

Registration Fee

$10.00Spayed or Neutered
$50.00Non-Spayed or Neutered
$10.00 Additional FeeRegistered after March 1

How to Register

If you are a first time registration, in-person at City Hall may be best. The City has personalized dog tags for each dog that are assigned to them for their entire pet life. After you have received your dog tag, annual renewals can be done easily online or by mail.

  • Online
  • Mail this form with copy of current rabies certificate with payment to City Hall
  • Drop form, rabies certificate, and payment in drop box located in north parking lot
Bel Aire Dog Tag

Dog Tags

Bel Aire has personalized dog tags that are PetHub brand. Each tag links to a free online profile to store critical medical, dietary and contact information. When someone scans your pet's tag with their smart phone, they'll instantly be redirected to your pet's profile. The owner will also receive a scanned tag notification that alerts you the moment your pet has been found.

The goal is to get lost pets home faster!