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City of Bel Aire

Bel Aire, Growing with You


Bel Aire Police Department Patrol Division

The Bel Aire Police Department has 16 employees and 6 Volunteer Reserve Officers comprised of commissioned law enforcement and clerical staff. These are the men and women that you see on the streets conducting police activities in the neighborhoods of Bel Aire.

The Patrol Division is the most well-known section of the Bel Aire Police Department and is operational 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  The division is commanded by the Lieutenant and each of the three patrol shifts are supervised by one of the Sergeants or Lieutenant. Each shift has a minimum of two officers per detail that operate in marked Patrol cars.

The officers of this unit handle a wide range of responsibilities.  In most cases they make the first contact with Bel Aire residents. Some of their duties are routine tasks, such as answering calls for service, traffic enforcement, and requests for assistance. Members of the division also handle high liability incidents, including crimes in-progress, violent altercations and medical emergencies.  They are responsible for conducting initial criminal and accident investigations, and routine preventive patrol. Our officers patrol the business districts, parks and neighborhoods day and night.  The Patrol Division is committed to serving all citizens of Bel Aire and to earning their trust and confidence.

Criminal Investigation

Crimes not immediately resolved when an officer responds to a call must be investigated. The Bel Aire Police Department is responsible for investigating all crimes after the initial report is taken from the patrol officer.  Follow up investigations are assigned to Patrol Officers.  These cases range from misdemeanor traffic charges to felony cases. The Investigative Officer is responsible for identifying and charging the suspect with the appropriate crime.  It is their duty to close the case and inform the victim of the outcome.

The Investigative Officer will follow the case through the court system, acting as a liaison between the victim and the prosecutor.  They are also responsible for the chain of custody of the evidence.  This includes storing evidence and getting evidence to the lab as well as court proceedings.  Completed felony investigations are submitted to the District Attorney for state prosecution in District Court. Misdemeanor cases are prosecuted in the City of Bel Aire Municipal Court.

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