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City of Bel Aire

Bel Aire, Growing with You


Economic Development


Bel Aire is one of the fastest growing communities in the Wichita metropolitan area. A steady growth rate of approximately 3% projected through 2030. The current population of 6,653 is expected to increase to nearly 12,000 people in the next 20 years.

Bel Aire has experienced tremendous growth since the 1990 U.S. Census. Between 1990 and 2000 Bel Aire's population grew by 58% jumping from 3,700 residents to 5,836 residents. Bel Aire's 2,300 households average 2.9 occupants with the total number of households expanding every month.

The median age of Bel Aire residents is 33.9 years. Approximately 30% of the residents are under the age of 16. Those age 55 and older represent 17% of the population and are projected to increase as the "Baby Boomers" continue to age.

Bel Aire also has one of the highest average household incomes among cities in Sedgwick County with $89,234. Bel Aire also boasts a well-educated population, with 55.26% of residents possessing a Bachelor's Degree or higher. Approximately 80% of residents work in a professional setting.


1 Mile Radius
2000 Census Population
2010 Projected Population
Average Household Income
Total Households
Owner Occupied Households
Renter Occupied Households

3 Mile Radius
 2000 Census Population 27,389
 2010 Projected Population 32,721
 Average Household Income $79,729
 Total Households 10,578
 Owner Occupied Households 60.58%
 Renter Occupied Households 39.42%

5 Mile Radius
 2000 Census Population 80,071
 2010 Projected Population 87,071
 Average Household Income $68,322
 Total Households 31,284
 Owner Occupied Households 62.17%
 Renter Occupied Households 37.83%


Great Wichita Economic Development Coalition - Executive Summary of 30 Mile Radius