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When looking to purchase a home, potential home buyers are faced with a number of important decisions. What amenities does the community offer? What is the cost of living? What is the average commute time to work? What is the crime rate? What is the tax rate, and what services are provided?

Bel Aire is a vibrant community situated in the northeastern portion of the Wichita Metro Area. With its close proximity to Wichita and a current population approaching 7,000, Bel Aire residents are afforded the amenities of big-city living, while preserving it's small-town roots. With uncontrolable factors such as ever-rising fuel prices, these two characteristics make Bel Aire a dynamic place to live, work, and raise a family. City staff has invested a great deal of time in creating a detailed, data-driven informational packet for current and prospective residents to prove once and for all that Bel Aire is the community of choice.

What makes Bel Aire special? Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and navigate through the carefully prepared informational packet. Utilize the blue links at the top of the page and see what makes us the metropolitan's top choice. After reviewing the data, if you are ready to call Bel Aire home, we are ready to help. Simply call Bel Aire City Hall at (316) 744-2451 and we will help make your dreams a reality. 

  • As reported in the Wichita Business Journal, Bel Aire is the most affluent Wichita Metro Area community (data from On Numbers).
    • Population: 6,769 (2010 Census)
    • Median Household Income: $80,723
    • Per capita income: $29,062
    • Households with income of $150,000 or greater: 5.68%
    • Households with interest, dividends or net rental income: 40.80%
    • Poverty rate for families: 1.98%
    • Upper quartile house value: $171,300
    • Median house value: $146,000
    • Houses with 9 rooms or more: 21.75%
    • Workers with access to 3 or more vehicles: 45.08%
    • Workers with management and professional jobs: 50.03%
    • Adults (25 or older) with bachelor's degree: 49.53%
    • Adults (25 or older) with advanced degrees: 18.66%
  • Bel Aire is situated in the highly desirable northeastern portion of the Wichita Metropolitan Area, allowing full benefit of big-city living.
    • Within minutes of major retail shopping developments, including Bradley Fair (21st and Rock Road), The Waterfront (13th and Webb Road), and Towne East Mall (Kellogg and Rock Road.
    • Over 80 restaurants within 5 miles, giving residents plenty of choices for the perfect meal.
    • Within minutes of major medical and regional trauma centers, as well as specialty hospitals and medical offices.
    • Brand new state-of-the-art K-8 and 5A high school facilities opening Fall 2012 to give area children a high quality education, along with multiple private school options.
    • Numerous churches of many denominations.
    • Easy access to major highways, including: K-254 (north), K-96 (south), I-135 (west), and the Kansas Turnpike (east).
    • Less than 10 miles to downtown Wichita.
    • 24/7 police coverage working diligently to provide a safe and secure city.
    • Responsive fire protection provided by Sedgwick County Fire Station #37, located in the heart of Bel Aire. With professional firefighters and EMT's, Station #37 provides Bel Aire residents with vitally short response times throughout the City, ensuring the safety of you and your family.
  • The small-town charm of Bel Aire is readily accessible through five parks stragetically located throughout the community.
    • Alley Park - Tucked away from major traffic on the City's northeast side, Alley Park is a natural park featuring a large pond. Residents can enjoy fishing in a natural surrounding, while all nature lovers can enjoy the park in its native splendor.
    • Bel Aire Park - Located in the heart of Bel Aire, Bel Aire Park has something for residents of all ages. A large sand playground area with playground amenities and a swingset will keep the youngsters entertained, while other residents can utilize the basketball court or tennis court. Do you have a picnic or other special event in mind? Bel Aire Park also has a new shelter which citizens can use.
    • Brookhouser Park - Brookhouser Park is a neighborhood park located in the Willow Creek subdivision. This park provides residents with a covered shelter area and park benches, along with a composite play structure, two swing sets, and other playground amenities for children.
    • Denise Park - Denise Park is a neighborhood park located in the Bel Aire Village subdivision. It features a large, beautiful wooden gazebo, a composite play structure, and  a swing set.
    • Eagle Lake Park - Eagle Lake Park is located in the heart of Bel Aire's Eagle Lake subdivision. One of Bel Aire's larger parks, Eagle Lake Park offers a number of amenities to citizens, including: 7-acre lake, a sand volleyball court, a composite play structure, and a swing set. The park also features a 2/3 mile walking path and benches surrounding the lake, allowing residents to relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.
  • The following graphs provide a visual representation of how Bel Aire compares to other communities in the Wichita Metropolitan Area. Bel Aire is a clear competitor in all facets, which begs the question: Why wouldn't you want to call Bel Aire home?

Exceptional Living... a Reasonable Cost.

A Safe Place to Raise a Family...

...Only a Short Drive from Work.

Plentiful Water Supply from Two Sources...

...Citizen-involved, Responsive Government.

Sources: 2012 Adopted Budgets, Wichita Business Journal, City-Data, and Trulia.

Bel Aire Incentives and Grant Program

The Bel Aire City Council has approved an Incentives and Grant Program which gives builders, new home buyers, and existing home buyers incentives for building or purchasing a home within Bel Aire. A Grant program was also approved for any new home built in Bel Aire. The Grant Program is a 5-year program APPLICABLE ONLY ON THE CITY'S PORTION OF PROPERTY TAXES. COUNTY PROPERTY TAXES, SPECIAL PROPERTY TAXES, AND SCHOOL DISTRICT PROPERTY TAXES ARE EXCLUDED. To calculate a potential grant value, use the Grant Calculator at the top of the page. Simply enter the approximate value in the Appraised Value field and the calculator will do the rest. For more information on the Incentives and Grant Program, please click the blue Incentives Program link at the top of the page.