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City of Bel Aire

Bel Aire, Growing with You

Economic Development

Quality of Life

When the work day ends, Bel Aire's greatest advantage shines. Located minutes away from Kansas' dining, shopping, and entertainment capital, Bel Aire enjoys the metropolitan advantage while preserving the values of small town community. Bel Aire offers a safe, friendly environment for employees and their families. From great local schools and recreation to active senior groups, Bel Aire has something for every age and interest.

  • Bel Aire is served by USD 259 and USD 375 public schools as well as two private schools
  • Bel Aire Recreation Center offers a wide range of programs for all ages, including youth sports leagues, exercise and gym facilities and a broad range of group activities and classes
  • Bel Aire boasts two active Senior organizations that cater to community members over age 55
  • Bel Aire maintains 5 public parks on which include two lakes and several playgrounds
  • Over 90% of Bel Aire residents report commutes of 30 minutes or less


City of Bel Aire: Low Cost of Living, High Quality of Life

The Wichita Business Journal has released its annual ranking of cities in the Wichita Metropolitan Area. Bel Aire ranked 10th in population and 15th in cost of living index. The Cost of Living Index measures the cost to purchase a standard bundle of goods and services including groceries, housing, utilities, transportation, health care and other goods and compares those costs to the national average score of 100. The chart shows were the major cities in the metro area rank. Low cost of living index combined with the highest median household income of the 25 cities ranked means that Bel Aire citizens have more purchasing power than any other city in the metro area. Bel Aire residents enjoy a high quality of life for a lower cost, making Bel Aire the best value in the Wichita Metropolitan Area.

City Cost of

Living Index

City Cost of

Living Index

City Cost of

Living Index

1. Derby
81.7 10. Augusta
77.9 19. Towanda
2. Andover
80.8 11. Valley Center
77.7 20. Douglass
3. Rose Hill
80.4 12. Wichita
77.7 21. Sedgwick
4. Maize
79.4 13. Clearwater
77.6 22. Wellington
5. Goddard
79.1 14. Newton
77.3 23. Conway Springs
6. Haysville
78.5 15. Bel Aire
77.2 24. Halstead
7. Mulvane
78.4 16. Belle Plaine
77.0 25.Caldwell 72.2
8.Park City
78.2 17. El Dorado
9. Hesston
78.0 18. Cheney
76.0 National Average


Links USD 259, Wichita Public Schools

USD 375, Circle School District

Sunrise Christian Academy

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