Bel Aire Breeze

The Bel Aire Breeze is the monthly news publication for the citizens of Bel Aire. All citizens have a copy mailed to their home on or around the first of every month. The Breeze is produced by the Ark Valley News and focuses only on Bel Aire issues and stories. In cooperation with the Ark Valley News, the City of Bel Aire is pleased to provide the online edition of the Breeze. New issues are published online within a few days of the printed edition.

Bel Aire Breeze Online Edition

Please note that the Bel Aire Breeze files are large and may take a few moments to open. All files are PDF files that will require a reader which can be downloaded for free at the Adobe website.

Ark Valley News

The Bel Aire Breeze is provided courtesy of The Ark Valley News. For more information, visit the Ark Valley News website.