Home and General Business Licenses

Other Licenses

  • Construction, Building, or Trades: Please visit the Licensed Contractors page for more information about Licenses and Permits for construction, building, or trades (such as sprinkler system maintenance, concrete, remodeling, plumbing, electrical, etc).
  • Door-To-Door Sales/Marketing and Mobile Businesses:  City Code Chapter 3 Article 3 regulates most types of door-to-door sales/marketing and sales from mobile/ temporary locations (such as ice cream trucks, tents, door-to-door, etc). If you want to engage in any of these activiites in Bel Aire, please contact City Hall at 316-744-2451 for licensing information.

Renew a Home or General Business License

Current license holders can Renew Home or General Business Licenses online. All Home and General Business Licenses are valid for one calendar year and expire on December 31st. If you close or move your business, please contact the City Clerk so that we may update our records. 

New License for Home or General Business

New businesses located within the City limits may submit a New License Application for Home or General Business on our website. 

Who Needs a Home or General Business License?

  • General Business License: Businesses located within the City limits of Bel Aire, Kansas in commercial or industrial zones must apply for a General Business License according to City Code Chapter 3 Article 4.
  • Home Business License: Residents of Bel Aire, Kansas engaged in home occupations that may have an impact on their neighborhood as defined by City Code Chapter 18 Article 8 "Home Occupations" must apply for a Home Business License.
    • Home Occupations: For licensing purposes, home occupations are classified in 3 tiers, based on their impact on the surrounding neighborhood:
      • Tier one has minimal impact on the neighborhood and registration is not required. 
      • Tier two requires registration and licensing. 
      • Tier three requires registration, licensing, and a conditional use permit. 

The chart below gives some examples of Home Occupations.


Tier One Home Occupations (NOT required to register/ license)

Some examples include:

  • Administrative offices of business/trade
  • Arts and crafts activities
  • Baking/catering
  • Beauty salon
  • Clerical/secretarial
  • Day-time adult care
  • Direct sales
  • Floral or interior design
  • Jewelry, watch, clock repair; engraving; locksmith;
  • Maid, laundry service
  • Internet business
  • Professional or administrative offices (including psychological, lawyer, accountant, engineer, architect or similar)
  • Photography
  • Picture framing
  • Scissors, saw, blade sharpening Small electronics repair
  • Seamstress, tailoring,
  • Tutoring, education or training