Survivor Trees

What is the Survivor Tree Project?

A continuing priority of the Bel Aire Tree Board is our Survivor Tree Project. The Survivor Tree is an American elm tree growing near the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. This tree survived the bombing of that building on April 19, 1995. Almost given up for dead, the tree was nursed back to health and is now a symbol of hope and resilience after tragedy. For a number of years, Tree Board members have obtained saplings grown from the seeds of this tree and have given them to various peoples and organizations. 

Order of Survivor Tree Planting

Recipient Location Dedication
City of Bel Aire Bel Aire City Hall Gift
Botanica Wichita, KS Gift
City of Greensburg, KS Greensburg, KS Survivors and those lost in the May 2007 tornado
V.A. Hospital Wichita, KS In honor of veterans
Wichita State University Wichita, KS In honor of those who died in the October 1970 WSU plane crash
Randy Jackson Bel Aire, KS Survivor of the October 1970 WSU plane crash
Dennis & Cheryl McCallum Bel Aire, KS Survivors of a July 2010 house fire
John Breen Long Island, NY Survivor of September 11, 2001 World Trade Center attack
City of Reading, KS Reading, KS Survivors and those lost in the May 2011 tornado
City of Joplin, MO Joplin, MO Survivors and those lost in the May 2011 tornado
K9 Ditto Springfield, MO In honor of Oklahoma City bombing search & rescue dog
Sedgwick County Fire Department Bel Aire, KS
Station #37
In honor of firefighters
Sedgwick County Extension Arboretum Wichita, KS Gift
Bartlett Arboretum Belle Plaine, KS Gift
Dyck Arboretum Hesston, KS Gift
Northeast Magnet High School Bel Aire, KS Gift
Virginia Crice-Scribner Wichita, KS Gift

Survivor Tree Dedications

The Bel Aire Tree Board dedicated a Survivor Tree in honor of Sedgwick County Fire Station #37 on Arbor Day 2016. 

Bel Aire Tree Board gifted Officer Virginia Crice-Scribner a Survivor Tree in honor of her service as a paramedic responding to the Oklahoma City bombing.

Tree Board with Officer Crice