Battin Street Reconstruction

CONSTRUCTION NOTICE: Street improvements will begin approximately June 1st, 2021 depending on the weather.

All vehicles will need to be moved out of the work area by 7:00 am each morning until the job is completed. At night you may park back at your residence around 7:00 pm. All work areas including drive approaches, curb, and gutter will be replaced as indicated on the plans and will be non­usable for 7 days following the concrete pours. Mail will be delivered at the SE corner of Battin and Krueger 

If you have questions regarding The City of Bel Aire project in your area, please contact Chris or Larry at our office at (316) 832-0828 between the hours of 8-12 and 1-5, Monday through Friday.

Highlights from Battin Stree Pre-Construction Meeting (April 22nd):

  • Kansas Paving confirmed they would start construction tentatively 30 days from today. The work is scheduled for 30 calendar days.
  • Kansas Paving stated preliminary work (Saw cutting, traffic control setup, etc) will be performed prior to the three (3) day notice given to the residents. This work will have minimal if any impact on traffic/access.
  • Residents should expect three (3) days notice shortly after seeing the barricades/signs arrive on site. This notice will state the day of construction commencing and also provide a contact line to ask questions.
  • The contractor promised a three (3) day notice will be given to all residents that live on Battin Street. Once construction begins Kansas Paving (Contractor) requests no traffic on Battin Street between the hours of 0700-1800.
  • Once Kansas Paving begins removal of the existing road they will bring in rock to provide a driving surface. Kansas Paving will make every effort to halt progress daily between two driveways allowing residents access from the north or south dependent on what side of the progress you are on.
  • Once the Curb & Gutter/Drive approaches are poured the residents will no longer have access to Battin Street until all concrete has cleared the 7-day curing period. Or until directed by the contractor. Type 3 barricades will be placed on both ends of Battin to prevent access.
  • Mailboxes will be removed by Kansas Paving in the preliminary phase of construction. They will set the mailbox near the respective porches. The property owner is responsible for securing those during construction. The Contractor will not be liable for any missing mailboxes. Temporary mailboxes (gangbox) will be placed on the northeast corner of the intersection Battin St. & Krueger St. The contractor will retrieve the mailboxes from the residents and reset them following construction. The contractor did request to speak to the homeowner who has the mailbox encased in brick on the west side of Battin.