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Contractor's License Application- Class A, B, C

  1. Application For:*
  2. If you selected "Renewal", please fill in your existing license number here.
  3. License Class*
  4. Business Conducted As:
  5. Personnel of Business
  6. Person(s) Authorized to Obtain Permits and Request Inspections:
  7. Are there any liens, suits, or judgments now pending against you or the business party?*
  8. Have you or the organization filed for bankruptcy during the past year?*
  9. Please indicate if you would like to include your company on the Bel Aire website list of licensed contractors. No additional charge.
  10. Statement of Agreement
    In submitting this application, it is understood that the applicant whose electronic signature appears below agrees to comply with the provisions of the codes, ordinances, and resolutions applicable and that it is unlawful for a licensee to allow his or her name or license to be used by another, and farther that a license may be revoked for reason of misrepresentation of facts in obtaining such license.
  11. Will you mail your payment to City Hall?

    The application's payment by check or money order for the license is to be submitted to:
    City of Bel Aire
    Department of Community Development
    7651 E Central Park Avenue
    Bel Aire, KS 67226
  12. Would you like to pay over the phone?
    ***Once the application has been reviewed and processed, you will receive a phone call for payment.
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